Thermo Wood Ash

Thermowood Ash is the ideal, natural, floor covering material. It offers unlimited landscaping possibilities thanks to its superior dimensional stability.

This stability is due to the removal of resin components during heat treatment. During this process, the wood cells that emerge from the resin compounds undergo a chemical change and remain very stable for many years.

An added benefit to the Thermowood process is the wood's unique "walnut colour", which becomes homogeneous throughout the boards. It is possible to protect this rich color against UV rays by using stain products. Otherwise, the color of the wood will be patina and will turn into an excessive gray color. This "graying" has no effect on the natural durability of the material.

Thermowood ash decking is used for terraces, balconies, cafe and restaurant floors, park and garden arrangements, walkways, courtyards, etc. can be easily applied in the fields.

Thermowood products are completely safe for all environmental uses.