Iroko Deck


West Africa


100-150-180-200-220-250-280-300-320 x 50-100mm


2500 – 3750mm


640 kg/m3

The uses of iroko wood include ship and boat building, interior and exterior decoration, furniture making, wardrobes and carvings. It is used in making plywood and decorative coating. It is used in railways, mooring beams and maritime works due to its structure. In addition to these, it is used indoors and as parquet flooring.

The color of the iroko wood varies from golden orange to light brown to saturated golden brown. The iroko tree turns pale yellow in the underbark stems and darkens towards the core and takes on a teake-like brown. In the shade, its color darkens over time and in sunny conditions its color fades and turns white.

Iroko wood dries quickly and beautifully, is easily processed with most machines and hand tools, and has very good nail and screw strength. The possibility of movement and bending in the service-assembly section is very low.