Sapele Timber


West, central and east Africa


150-180-200-220-250-280-300-320 X 50mm


2500 – 4400mm


500-600 kg/m3

It is a tree with superior qualities that can be used for many different purposes. In the construction of joinery, parquet and stairs in the interior and exterior parts of the buildings. It has a great use in shipping, musical instruments, turned, carved, inlaid works, as well as solid and covering in all modern and classical furniture.

The outer wood is gray in color. Its interior wood varies between yellow and red brown, depending on the type. Its color at the time of cutting darkens to a certain extent with the effect of air and over time.

It is a tightly structured, less flexible tree. It is processed easily and cleanly. It works less, shrinks less and cracks less. It is abundant. That's why it is one of the best painted trees. It is well varnished. It shows great strength even in changing weather conditions. It is bonded with nails, screws and glue, and its drying quality is good. It is not easily destroyed by insects and microorganisms. It gives successful results in carving and turning.