Russian Spruce Timber

Russian spruce, in other words, Siberian spruce is a tree with low resin from the coniferous family. It is a yellowish-white tree. Compared to the native spruce, it is less knotty, softer and moire wood. Thanks to its light, soft and fibrous structure, it can be easily processed, adhered well and peeled off. It is well painted, has high polishing and screwing ability. It is less prone to cracking, has a uniform texture and has smooth fibers. Thanks to its fibrous structure, it is frequently preferred in rustic furniture works. Although it is not known that this tree is extremely resistant to natural conditions in our country, it is especially preferred in outdoor applications all over the world, especially in Europe and America.

Spruce is frequently preferred in joinery works, musical instruments, paneling, wall upholstery, furniture, construction works, wooden houses, bungalows, shipbuilding, door manufacturing, decoration, architecture and restoration works.